Cartas de amor…

Mil gracias to the Creative Language Classroom site for inspiring great language teaching activities!  This is one that I am trying for the first time this year and I’m sooo excited and I hope the students will like it to.

I went to Target and cleaned them out of their Brach’s brand conversation hearts in Spanish and I plan on having my students write their own cartas de amor using the conversation hearts (activity link).  What I am doing a little differently is I’m giving them a diccionario de amor to help them in their writing.  My students are in 1A, so I think that doing this without some help would be way over their head.

Here is the diccionario de amor I created based on the words you find in the Brach’s conversation hearts bag (Target!).

7grado_SanValentin_Diccionario de Amor

How do you help your students do activities like this?  Would you provide them with a list of words or not?  If not, how else would you have them understand the words and phrases they are not familiar with and are not cognates?