Pocoyó en el restaurante

I’ve posted about Pocoyó before and I just have to say that I love this little guy!  Pocoyó is a cartoon, originally from Spain.  The episodes are about 6 minutes long and are just perfect for the language classroom.  What’s even better is that if you teach French, there are episodes in that language too- as well as Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese and more!

I used the following episode in my restaurant unit.  I’ve used it as an introduction to the unit as well as just vocabulary review and comprehension.


And here is a TPT activity I created to follow the viewing of the video.  I usually watch the video once, without any questions, so they can enjoy it and just focus on the language.  I then follow up with the comprehension questions.


Have you ever used Pocoyó in your classroom? How?  Have you used any other children’s programming?  How do your students respond?