Navidad en Colombia

My family and I are from Colombia so I can’t talk about holidays in December without talking about Colombia!  Since I also talk about holiday time in Spain, it’s a great opportunity for students to compare their traditions.

The students just love to watch all of these videos and see how people really celebrate the holidays and how they are different and in many ways similar.  I begin my conversations about Colombian holidays with the following video and then have them talk about what they see and how it compares to holiday time here in the US.

This next video was taken in San Cipriano in Valle del Cauca – I love it because it shows the Afro-Colombian community and although it is a bit hard for my novices to understand the video its okay because they get the visuals.  After the video we also do comparisons and talk about what they do that is similar or different.

¿Y tú? ¿Qué celebras?

For the final oral assessment for my unit on family and celebrations, I have the students talk about a family celebration (any holiday or tradition).  They are asked to tell me what they celebrate, when, where, with whom and describe what they do.  I have them create a video of themselves discussing their family tradition and post it on my Voicethread.  Once they have posted, the students view the videos and choose 2 to comment on.

Here is the assignment sheet I give them- feel free to edit 🙂

Y tu que celebras Voicethread prep and instructions