Class Syllabus

¡Tanto tiempo!  It’s been a LONG time since my last post and so many exciting things have happened over the past few months.  I had a baby in June and this past month I decided I’m going to open up a little side business selling t-shirts inspired by pop and Latin culture!  More of that to come later…

I start school after Labor day, so I have a little bit of time left to enjoy my little ones and get prepared and pumped for the new school year.  The start of school can be overwhelming for everyone – especially since I’ve been checked out and in baby mode for so long.  A BIG thank you so much to the Creative Language Class blog for helping get motivated with their BTS teacher stamp sheet.  It’s great!  Today I decided I’m going to get my “stamp” for my class syllabus.  Last year CLC did a post on this topic and really motivated me to upgrade my syllabus.  Here is a link for my syllabus in my TPT store if you’re interested – it’s at a super low BTS price and in a word doc so all you need to do is edit!

Do you normally give students a syllabus?  What other documents do you give them?  Do you hold them accountable for it?  Do they sign it? Their parents?  Share below!  Thanks!

¡De vuelta a clases!

Well, it’s that time of year again!  Summer has quickly come to an end and as most teachers I’m now thinking about and anxious about the new school year!  I’ve spent the last 10 weeks or so at home with my children and new baby Julián- I’m really nervous this year because he’ll be starting daycare and of course I’m a hot mess of emotions right now, but hopefully new school projects will help me keep busy and the days go by quicker!

Mil Gracias to the Creative Language Class blog– As always they inspire me to be a better teacher! Last year they motivated us to create super cool bulletin boards for our students and this year they pushed us to spice up our syllabus!  I didn’t get mine done in time to submit for their contest, but here it is anyways.  Please give me feedback!  The old one was SUPER boring- just plain text and NO PICTURES!  Here is what I came up with- I used a newsletter template on Word and just added some pictures and cool font- it definitely looks better than before and I LOVE everyone’s really cool ideas like adding in a pie chart and a QR code.  I think my kiddos will find this cheverísimo…


Even though I had my syllabus from years past, I was really stuck on what to put on it.  I took away most of the wordy parts and tried to make it clear and to the point.  Now, I’m thinking about how to present it- should I just go over it? do a scavenger hunt? hmmm…. decisiones…

What do you think?  What do you put in your syllabus?  Do you just read it to them? Have them read it to eachother???