Me gustas tú

I’m sure you’ve probably used the classic Manu Chau song Me gustas tú to practice me gusta in your Spanish class.  I have too- and the kids love it but this year I was hoping to go beyond the basic cloze activity.

I recently attended MaFla, my states world language conference and most of the sessions I attended had to do with music.  One workshop I attended gave me some great ideas on how to use songs in class and of course being who I am I have to try things out immediately or else I forget.

Here is my plan for the song…and I use the teachertube version that scratches out the marijuana part- something I don’t like to do but have to because I don’t want parents upset with me.

1.  Listen, without the lyrics to follow and tally how many times they hear the phrase “me gusta”

2.  Watch the teachertube video that has images that correspond with the vocabulary in the song- I will have them draw pictures of the new words that they learn

3.  Listen to the song again and do a cloze activity

4.  I typed of some of the me gusta statements from the song and then will have the students agree/react to the statements by using a mí también – which is our new focus for that lesson

Other than cloze activities, what other things do you do with songs?


Thank you to Thomas Sauer who tweeted this Plaza Sesamo song!  This song is great because it has many different greetings and because I have always struggled with finding authentic listening for this beginning unit!

I did this song today and the students LOVED IT!

Here it is (FREE!!!) and I have also uploaded the activity I made to accompany it.  Enjoy!

7grado_Unidad_1_¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás__PlazaSesamo

Love music?

Do you love music?  I do too! Especially in the classroom.  It really is a powerful tool and here is a great resource for elementary Spanish teachers – and middle school teachers!  The site is  Here you can preview and purchase CD’s created by the Spanish teacher Carolina Gomez.  She has authentic songs on many different topics and all set to very catchy, get out of your seat and dance beats.  There are some videos on as well.She also does workshops!  If you are in MA she’ll do a workshop for you and she’s done some at MaFla too.
Check her out!