The Review Unit

I don’t know about anyone else out there- but I really don’t like the review unit!  I teach Spanish 1A and 1B, so with my 1B’s I usually spend several weeks reviewing 1A.  Why do I dread this unit?  Well, the students find it so boring to repeat the same topics as the year before and I also find myself stuck in this not-so-creative place for about 4 weeks!  So, I’m reaching out to all my fellow colleagues for some new and fresh ideas.  It is Spanish 1A, so what they are able to do is pretty limited- the topics they’ve learned are introductions, self, school, food and going places.  I was thinking about organizing the review around a trip to Argentina since I have a former student studying there for a year and she has offered to do Skype, so I want to connect it to her- but how?


Please help!