Where do I find resources???

I’m now in lesson plan mode, thinking about all of the wonderful things I want to do with my students.  It’s really important that as language teachers, we do our best to bring the language and culture to life with authentic resourcs- but how???  How do you do this especially if you have more than one prep, a family, a busy life, etc…  It all starts with having some great go-to resources.  Here are just a few places I visit online to find what I’m looking for.  Hopefully this will save you hours and hours of surfing 🙂


This link will take you to the Despierta America page on Univision’s website.  It’s fantastic!  It has the videos from the show’s segments- cooking, interviews with celebrities, fashion, news- everything!  Right now they have several videos for back to school- everything from school supplies to fashion to school lunches!


Youtube is your best friend- you can find just about anything here.  But what do you do when that video about paella has been deleted!!??  Make sure you save the video using a site like the one below.


If you teach beginners search no further than children’s programming!

Pocoyo is a show from Spain.  The videos are only 7 minutes long and are super cute.  My students love him 🙂


Doki is the discovery channel en español mascot.  Most of their commercials are him teaching kids about all sorts of stuff.  Here’s an example… (search doki descubre on youtube and tons of videos will come up).


To be in the loop about new music, I have a bunch of stations on Pandora with my favorite artists and I just shuffle and play in the car and at home.  I also like and follow my favorite artists on Facebook and Twitter- this way you know when they’ve come out with new music.  Here is a list of some of my favorites…(list of songs by genre and topic in the works and coming soon!).


Marc Anthony

Prince Royce


Maite Peroni

Paulina Rubio

Chino y Nacho

Carlos Vives

Jesse & Joy

Joe Arroyo

Juan Luis Guerra

Jarabe de Palo

La 33


My absolute favorite blogs are Zachary Jones’ Zambombazo and The Creative Language Class Blog.  These are really my go-to sites when I’m stuck and need some inspiration.

How do you keep all of this info organized???? Pinterest of course!  I have tons of boards on Pinterest for different topics related to teaching.  It’s the perfect place to store all of your favorite links, videos and pictures.

What else would you add to this list of resources?



A Great Resource!

Have you visited the site http://www.bablingua.com?  If not- it is a MUST for Spanish teachers- all levels!  Created by a few teachers in Spain, bablingua has videos and listening activities and other activities you can purchase and use in your classroom- from weather to the alphabet to Christmas in Spain, they’ve covered pretty much all the topics you’ll cover in your class. Check them out!