La Noche de Las Velitas

La Noche de Las Velitas is the official start of the holiday season in Colombia.  It is a very special night in which families gather to light candles and lanterns in honor the Immaculate Conception. The festivities begins at sunset on 7th December and ends at sunrise on 8th December. People place paper lanterns and candles on their windowsills porches, balconies, streets, sidewalks, squares and parks.

Here is a video with more info!

In my 8th grade classes we do a unit on December holidays and focus on holidays in Colombia and Spain.  We begin the unit by talking about holidays they celebrate and the first holiday we learn about is this one.  One special video we watch is this Home Center video – it is a great video to build vocabulary and if you have higher level students talk about indigenous tribes, environment and giving back to the community.


Here are two activities I do with La Noche de Las Velitas – one reading and one listening. Do you teach December holidays? Which ones?! Share below!

!Tanto que hacer!

The first day of school is approaching and this year, with my Julián, I’m not even sure where to begin!  Thanks again to the CL Blog for motivating me to get my syllabus revamped- but there’s still so much to do!  Classroom decor, class lists, professional development and lessons!  I really need some direction because my little guy has me super distracted!

So how do you get started???  Please share!

Until I figure it out… I’ll try to find some inspiration in these back to school commercials I came across… There’s a little bit of everything – hope you find them useful and would love to hear how you used them! 🙂