El Extraterrestre Loco

In this unit I use extraterrestres- or aliens to get the kids to talk use the body part vocabulary!  It’s not authentic of course – but it is a lot of fun!

Here is an A/B interpersonal activity I created to get the kids to talk about an extraterrestre loco that landed in their back yard the previous night- it gets them to use the body parts vocabulary, colors and numbers.  One student describes the alien while the other draws it and then they switch.  This document has everything you need except a blank alien- I found one on google by typing in alien coloring page – but you could draw your own and the students just add body parts to it or they can do one from scratch.

Actividad Comunicativa El Extraterrestre Loco


Pico y Placa

Teaching numbers and the alphabet can get a little boring- no? Especially at the beginning level where I have found it hard to find interesting and authentic materials to present the information with.  On my last trip to Colombia, I was in Bogotá and discovered that they use a system to control traffic based on the car’s plates- brilliant!  Why?  Because I can use the site and their visuals to practice days of the week, numbers and letters (letters appear in the license plates) !  Score!

This is how the system works- if your plates end in a certain number on X day than you can’t drive that day!  It’s public transportation for you!

¡Ojo!  This does change yearly so you may want to update your docs accordingly each year.

News videos explaining pico y placa

Here is the link to the pico y plata site…


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AB Speaking activity-