¡Más música!

Currently, my 1A’s are learning about leisure time activities.  One of the things I like to discuss with them are pastimes  in the Spanish-speaking world and how music and dance play a big role in many of the activities we do in the Spanish-speaking world.  Every year I do a unit on music and dance and it’s always a lot of fun because the students get to listen to music and dance!

Here are some online resources I use for this unit:





Here are some online activities I have created using the above sites- I posted them to teacherspayteachers since they did take me a very long time to create- sorry!



Do you have any resources you use to teach music and dance?



¡Me gusta!

This is a steal from one of the workshops I attended at MaFla this year and although I had seen similar ideas online this one really inspired me.

I teach a unit on music from the Spanish-speaking world and I have them listen to the music but it is too advanced for my students to understand.  This activity allows the students to interact with each other about the song using simple me gusta statements.  I plan on having the students listen to the different genres and give their opinions and discuss them with their classmates.

Here is the document I modified to fit my needs- hope you like it 😉



Love music?

Do you love music?  I do too! Especially in the classroom.  It really is a powerful tool and here is a great resource for elementary Spanish teachers – and middle school teachers!  The site is http://www.123spanishtogether.com/.  Here you can preview and purchase CD’s created by the Spanish teacher Carolina Gomez.  She has authentic songs on many different topics and all set to very catchy, get out of your seat and dance beats.  There are some videos on youtube.com as well.She also does workshops!  If you are in MA she’ll do a workshop for you and she’s done some at MaFla too.
Check her out!