Remind 101

Hello all!  So, I don’t know about you, but with everything going on in my life I need a way to help me remember what I need to do.  I’m sure that our students do too with all of the stuff they have going on as well- sports, school (many different classes), family, friends, etc.  A few years ago I discovered Remind 101 through one of my son’s high school teachers.  It’s a site where teachers can sign up for FREE and set up text messages for their students. Like I said it’s totally FREE and the students don’t have your number and you don’t have theirs.  Remind 101 gives you a special phone number in your area code that the students send an initial text to and then you set up reminders for them that they receive on their phones!  Parents can sign up too of course and it’s great because it keeps them in the loop.  As a parent myself I thought it was fantastic because I always knew what was going on!  I know, I know… students should write down their homework in their planner but let’s face it – we’re human and we forget things!  This is just a great way to keep the lines of communication open with students and parents.

Have you used Remind 101 or any similar site?  Comment below!!!!

Website for Students and Parents

Do you have a site where you post your homework for students and parents to see?  I do!  In my district we don’t have to have one but we are encouraged.  I use google sites to manage my student/parent web page and it is really user friendly and if you have a gmail account you can work all in one google space.  Our district uses gmail and google apps so it was just easy to go with google sites.


This is a screenshot of my site which I am in the process of updating for the new school year.

I call my site ¡Qué chévere! – how cool! My students love the name- and they pick up that phrase very quickly.  I post homework, links to sites I need them to visit, information about the course, about me and anything else that might be relevant to learning Spanish.  My students and parents find it very helpful to be able to access course information and if they were absent the homework.

Do you have a website for your students?  Why or why not?