¡Vamos a cantar! ¡Villancicos de Navidad!

I love villancicos! It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions.  My family and I celebrate Navidad, and one of our traditions is to do the Novena- and part of the novena is singing!

On one of my previous posts from this week, I talk about the bablingua site and their Navidad mini-unit – in it they have a karaoke for some villancicos – the kids love doing it – even if they don’t celebrate Navidad.  To avoid the whole conversation about – well I don’t celebrate XYZ… I tell them that if they were to visit any Spanish-speaking country this is what they’d hear, see, etc… So we do sing villancicos in our classes!



Here is my all time favorite villancico sung by none other than Juanes!

Here are some of my other favorite songs…Some of them can be found in karaoke versions if you look on youtube 😉


Do you sing villancicos w/ your students?  Which ones?

¡Mas videos sobre la familia!

Last year in my search for authentic family videos, I came across some videos on YouTube made by Kmart – yes Kmart! Videos about Latino families and their holiday and family traditions.  I transcribed a few of them for my classes, so here are some of the cloze activities I created :-), the rest will be on TPT soon.  Enjoy!


Adivina que familia

In my family unit I always do a guess who style activity to get the students practicing the vocabulary.  It works the same way as the Guess Who? Board game except they are talking about different types of families.  I usually tell the students they have to ask at least 4 questions before trying to guess the name of their partner’s family.

Here is the activity:

adivina que familia

A variation of this activity is to tape the family name on the back of each student, give them the list of families and have them work in pairs or walk around the classroom asking their classmates questions to figure out who they are.

What types of speaking activities do you use to practice family vocabulary?

¿Y tú? ¿Qué celebras?

For the final oral assessment for my unit on family and celebrations, I have the students talk about a family celebration (any holiday or tradition).  They are asked to tell me what they celebrate, when, where, with whom and describe what they do.  I have them create a video of themselves discussing their family tradition and post it on my Voicethread.  Once they have posted, the students view the videos and choose 2 to comment on.

Here is the assignment sheet I give them- feel free to edit 🙂

Y tu que celebras Voicethread prep and instructions

Videos sobre la familia

I’m beginning a unit on family and family celebrations this week and I have been reviewing previously used videos and looking for new ones.  Here are some of the videos I use and some that I found but might not use because of time and difficulty.  On my previous post you can find the cloze activity for the San Fernando commercial. I also made a listening checklist for the video too to do before the cloze activity- remember change the task not the text!

Here is the activity 🙂


Here are all of the family videos I came across.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_98XT_u8oE (this is the one for the above activity)




Te quiero mucho mamá

My 1B’s will soon begin the unit on family. It is one of my favorite units because there are so many great authentic resources out there.  I love to use commercials in class and this topic lends itself quite well to using them.  In the next few posts I will be sharing some of my resources and ideas for this unit and would love to hear what other people are using too!

I love this commercial- es súper tierno and great for practicing family vocabulary.  My students last year loved it too.  I have uploaded the cloze activity for you to use as well. Enjoy!

8grado_Unidad3(5A)_Anuncios de familia