Videos de deportes

I love using video in my class- but not the videos provided by the text!  It’s not easy finding videos that are authentic, engaging and show what you need for that particular unit or lesson.  My husband lives and breathes soccer so here are a few I have come across for the topic of sports while accompanying him on the couch while he watches sports and I do curriculum .  Hopefully you’ll find them useful!

This video is a commercial promoting a Rugby Championship in Argentina. There is no sound- just text, but it’s pretty funny and has beautiful images of Argentina.

This video is promoting fútbol- it’s great because it sparks discussion about this very passionate sport and you can use it to practice “ser”.

A Nike fútbol commercial w/ Chucharito. Very advanced but good.

Nike fútbol commercial promoting their soccer shoes

Adidas commercial- very little Spanish but shows classic rivalry between Real & Barca

This video is for a fantasy fútbol league

For gol tv

Very emotional fan at a fútbol game

Ronaldo and Nadal playing tennis

Los deportes

This week we will begin our sports unit and I am very excited about trying out some new vocabulary strategies and new authentic listening activities I created.

I went on youtube and searched for a variety of things – I love Doki from Discovery Kids en español and there is usually a video for just about any topic – and of course there was one for sports.  It’s great because it uses a lot of great vocabulary and of course has the visuals in the video to go with it.

Here is the video –

Here is a listening activity I created – freebie!  I’ve been trying to do more than just the typical cloze activity for listening authentic videos/songs, so I hope you like what I created.


Here is another video I found for esto es otra liga – an online fantasy soccer league.  It is also chock full of great sports vocabulary and uses the verb jugar many times.

Here is the activity I created for it on TPT.  I plan on having them listen to the video without watching it first to make some predictions.

Here is the video –

I really enjoy using authentic materials for listening- I started a few years ago and have each year used more and more.  I really think the students benefit from it more than using the audio that texts books provide.  What do you think?  Do you use one or the other or both?