Anuncios sobre la Navidad

Here is a list of videos I came across for la Navidad y el Día de los Reyes.  I don’t have any cloze activities for these yet but I thought I’d share anyways.  Enjoy!

The girl in this video is just PRECIOUS 🙂

This one is about los Reyes

Coca- Cola – Families apart on Christmas

Regalo Imposible

El año viejo en Colombia

Navidad En San Cipriano

What videos do you use for this unit????



Te quiero mucho mamá

My 1B’s will soon begin the unit on family. It is one of my favorite units because there are so many great authentic resources out there.  I love to use commercials in class and this topic lends itself quite well to using them.  In the next few posts I will be sharing some of my resources and ideas for this unit and would love to hear what other people are using too!

I love this commercial- es súper tierno and great for practicing family vocabulary.  My students last year loved it too.  I have uploaded the cloze activity for you to use as well. Enjoy!

8grado_Unidad3(5A)_Anuncios de familia