¡Vamos al supermercado!

I really enjoy finding new ways for my students to learn vocabulary!  Long gone are the days of boring powerpoint presentations and vocabulary lists.  Students truly enjoy exploring authentic media and there’s no better way to learn vocabulary than to experience it hands on.

Yesterday we started a new unit on food with my Novice Level 1 students.  I’ve presented this vocabulary in a variety of ways but last year thought that it would be interesting to see what students came up with if I asked them to create their own vocabulary lists (with guidance and structure por supuesto).  I provided them with a list of supermarket websites and told them to find 6 items (or more) for each food group.  The students had so much fun looking through the sites and online catalogs and seeing how currencies work in different countries.  They also discovered some food items they’ve never seen here before so that is always a great conversation starter.

Here is the list I gave them – do you have any favorite supermarket sites? Share them in the comments!

Supermercado links:








Pocoyó en el restaurante

I’ve posted about Pocoyó before and I just have to say that I love this little guy!  Pocoyó is a cartoon, originally from Spain.  The episodes are about 6 minutes long and are just perfect for the language classroom.  What’s even better is that if you teach French, there are episodes in that language too- as well as Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese and more!

I used the following episode in my restaurant unit.  I’ve used it as an introduction to the unit as well as just vocabulary review and comprehension.


And here is a TPT activity I created to follow the viewing of the video.  I usually watch the video once, without any questions, so they can enjoy it and just focus on the language.  I then follow up with the comprehension questions.


Have you ever used Pocoyó in your classroom? How?  Have you used any other children’s programming?  How do your students respond?

¡Vamos a Comer!

I’m currently in the restaurant unit with my 1B’s.  I love this unit because there are so many things you can do and so much authentic content out there for one to use in the classroom.  Here is an activity I created for my students to explore restaurants in Colombia.


The webquest is on TPT because it took quite a long time to make and here are the sites I used.