I can navigate my classroom-en español!

Classroom phrases have always been a very important part of my classroom management.  I have classroom phrases posted in my room and the students get a handout the first week of school and I expect them to use them to navigate my classroom.

During the first week of school I have a lesson on just classroom phrases- both phrases that students say and practice listening to phrases that I say (siéntense, pónganse de pie, saquen un lápiz, etc…)  I start by giving the students a list of my classroom phrases and I review them with a power point presentation.  I then give the students different scenarios that help prompt them to use these phrases in class. After this lesson they are expected to use them and I always offer gentle reminders by pointing to the sign and helping them with their pronunciation- within a few weeks they are experts at saying them!


Here are the Power Point and vocab list:

frases para la clase afiches