¿Y tú? ¿Qué celebras?

For the final oral assessment for my unit on family and celebrations, I have the students talk about a family celebration (any holiday or tradition).  They are asked to tell me what they celebrate, when, where, with whom and describe what they do.  I have them create a video of themselves discussing their family tradition and post it on my Voicethread.  Once they have posted, the students view the videos and choose 2 to comment on.

Here is the assignment sheet I give them- feel free to edit 🙂

Y tu que celebras Voicethread prep and instructions

El año viejo

Last year I came across this video and not only did we watch it in class- but we made our own año viejo! It was so much fun!  Of course we didn’t burn it but the process was a lot of fun.  I put the class in two groups and had them bring in old clothes, shoes and newspaper.  The day of the activity the groups competed to see who could make their año viejo the fastest.  Afterwards, we had a countdown and ate 12 grapes when the clock struck “12:00”!  We even made wishes for the new year and each student shared in Spanish what they hoped for in 2012.

How do you celebrate el Año nuevo with your students?