There’s really something to be said about getting kids moving around and playing in the classroom.  It really makes a difference in their learning!  And… they LOVE it. So why not?  My goal this year has been to incorporate more games and cooperative activities in my curriculum.  In the next few posts I’ll share some of the games I play and hopefully get some ideas from you!

One game my students love is Alrededor del mundo or Around the world.  I have a PPT I use and adapt for different topics.  I then have the students create a circle around the room.  To play I have the first two students compete to answer a questions, the winner then moves on and competes with the next person and so on until a person makes it around the world and back to their spot.  They love it because they get to move around and middle schoolers love to compete.  I usually give the winner a sticker or bookmark!

What games do you play with your students?

Here is an around the world ppt I have for verbs on TPT!


The Review Unit

I don’t know about anyone else out there- but I really don’t like the review unit!  I teach Spanish 1A and 1B, so with my 1B’s I usually spend several weeks reviewing 1A.  Why do I dread this unit?  Well, the students find it so boring to repeat the same topics as the year before and I also find myself stuck in this not-so-creative place for about 4 weeks!  So, I’m reaching out to all my fellow colleagues for some new and fresh ideas.  It is Spanish 1A, so what they are able to do is pretty limited- the topics they’ve learned are introductions, self, school, food and going places.  I was thinking about organizing the review around a trip to Argentina since I have a former student studying there for a year and she has offered to do Skype, so I want to connect it to her- but how?


Please help!