Around the world

In a few of my previous posts I discussed how I wanted to incorporate more games into my lessons. Not only do the students enjoy playing games but they really do learn best through interactive and fun activities.

Around the world is a game I’ve played for years and the kids really like it because it can get pretty competitive.  I’ve made a few Around the World PowerPoint activities to go along with different topics we are covering in class.  I’ve uploaded them to my TPT site if you’re interested.

You can also play without a Powerpoint of course, but I like having a visual for the students too. To play, have the students get into a circle – they can stand or you can move your desks.  You then decide on a topic – say food vocabulary and then have the first students compete to give an answer.  You can give a clue, show a picture or say it in English.  The student who gets the answer correct, moves on and competes with the next person.  I usually give a prize to the student who has made it around the most spots.

What games do you play with your students?

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