Tingo tango

This game I got from a dear colleague of mine.  It’s a Colombian game – similar to hot potato.  Have the students form a circle.  You then have them pass an object around – ball, microphone, stuffed animal- whatever you have is good.  I usually use a ball or microphone. As the students pass the object, cover your eyes and say tingo repeatedly until you feel like stopping.  When you stop yell TANGO!  Whoever has the object should then answer a question/prompt depending on what you’re working on.  I’m not sure why but the kids LOVE this game. Probably because of the suspense and trying to avoid being the one holding the object when I yell TANGO!  You can also just use music and not say tingo, tango- the kids like that too because they get to listen to Spanish music.

Do you play a similar game?  What games do you play?


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