¡Mueve tu cuerpo!

I’m teaching body parts soon- I really enjoy this unit!  The kids do too! Here are a few resources for teaching body parts.

José Luis Orozco is a bilingual educator, author and musician that has several books and CD’s with great music that can be used for many different levels.  Juanito Cuando Baila is one of my favorites and the students love it too!  Here is a YouTube video with the song and lyrics (I didn’t make it- just found it).

@karajacobs shared a video Juanes made with the Sesame Street characters a while back- I haven’t used it but imagine that the students will love it because it’s so upbeat and well it’s Juanes and who doesn’t love him???!!!

Cantoalegre is an organization that creates children’s music in Colombia.  They have beautiful children’s songs on their website that you can download for FREE! Yes free!  They also have a few video stories and Karaoke activities you can use.

They have two songs I use- El Baile del Esqueleto and Los Veinte Ratones – you can check these out on my TPT store!

Here is the link:


Do you have any favorite songs to teach this vocabulary and get your students moving?

2 thoughts on “¡Mueve tu cuerpo!

  1. I love the song “Juanito cuando baila…” and look forward to using it with my 5th graders. I have used the song linked below that I find my 6th and 7th graders really like…

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