Las estaciones y el clima

I’m teaching the weather and seasons soon and am on the lookout for authentic resources for this topic.  I’ve found a lot of teacher made songs, but not too many from the target culture.  Here’s what I’ve found so far…

This first one is by Los Pimpollos – a Peruvian children’s show.  They’re cute- puppets, similar to Plaza Sésamo.

Here is the cloze activity for Las Cuatro Estaciones.

This one is by Coca- Cola – It’s the song Tomorrow, but in Spanish.

Here are a few videos I found from Despierta América’s weather segment.

These are a little fast – but read this post from the Musicuentos blog to learn why it is SO, SO important to expose our novice learners to authentic audio- they’ll thank you (and their teachers too!) in a few years when they’re in the higher levels.

How would you use these authentic audio clips with novice students???

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