Los deportes

This week we will begin our sports unit and I am very excited about trying out some new vocabulary strategies and new authentic listening activities I created.

I went on youtube and searched for a variety of things – I love Doki from Discovery Kids en español and there is usually a video for just about any topic – and of course there was one for sports.  It’s great because it uses a lot of great vocabulary and of course has the visuals in the video to go with it.

Here is the video –

Here is a listening activity I created – freebie!  I’ve been trying to do more than just the typical cloze activity for listening authentic videos/songs, so I hope you like what I created.


Here is another video I found for esto es otra liga – an online fantasy soccer league.  It is also chock full of great sports vocabulary and uses the verb jugar many times.

Here is the activity I created for it on TPT.  I plan on having them listen to the video without watching it first to make some predictions.

Here is the video –

I really enjoy using authentic materials for listening- I started a few years ago and have each year used more and more.  I really think the students benefit from it more than using the audio that texts books provide.  What do you think?  Do you use one or the other or both?


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