El abecedario

Teaching the alphabet doesn’t have to be boring!  Here are some resources to spice up your abc lessons!

This is my students’ favorite…

Another favorite…

Here is a new one I am going to try this year- it is super fast but it’s authentic.  It is sung by the Colombian artist Carlos Vives and is from the Pombo Musical album where different Colombian artists put Rafael Pombo’s famous poems to music.  This would be great for reviewing the alphabet at higher levels too – for lower levels you can just isolate the alphabet part at the end.

Here is another resource- it does need to be purchased through http://www.bablingua.com they have tons of great stuff here.

Bablingua- Scroll down to ¿Cómo te llamas?

I came across this post on my reader- this teacher has a lot of great resources for a variety of topics.  This links you to an awesome ppt (free!) he made for the alphabet as well as some great ideas for practicing it.


Las vocales y las sílabas 

Have you heard of Doki?  He’s the mascot from Discovery Kids en español.  His videos are available on Youtube- here are just a few to get you started.  There are videos from Discovery Kids en español on many different topics from letters to food!


4 thoughts on “El abecedario

  1. Hola de nuevo! Gracias por estos videos! Siempre busco algo nuevo para mostrar a mis estudiantes. Tambien conoces el de Barbara McArthur de “Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Eat Tacos?” A mis estudiantes lo encantan!

    Algo más, yo use tu actividad “El Microfono Caliente” hoy con mis estudiantes de 8 grado. Pero tambien incluye otras preguntas, como “de donde eres, como estas” etc, y otras preguntas personales basicas. Yo use un “dado” en el Smartboard para elegir cada pregunta, y mis estudiantes se divertieron mucho!

  2. Wow. Great collection of resources. Thanks for sharing!

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