Bajo la misma luna

Do you watch movies in your classes?  Unfortunately, every year I say I want to watch more movies, but I usually only get around to watching 1.  Also, I’ve found it difficult to find movies that are appropriate for middle schoolers.  For the past two years we have watched Bajo la misma luna or Under the Same Moon.  It is an adorable movie about a boy in search of his mother who has come to the United States in search of the American dream.  It is a very heartwarming film that will have your students on the edge of their seats!  Of course, like most of you will agree, I don’t want to just watch the movie, I want my students to learn from it and use as much español as possible to talk about it.

My students are still very beginners, so having an in depth conversation about the movie, might be a bit daunting for them.  Here is one activity I do to help them talk about the movie and this can be done for movies and just about any story!


It’s basic sequencing and this one is for the first part of the movie.  I made it very simple as their language is very limited, but it allows them to talk about the events of the movie!

More activities to come! What movies do you watch with your students?  What activities do you do?


5 thoughts on “Bajo la misma luna

  1. Encontré tu proyecto muy interesante! Otra película que podrías ver sería Wall-e. Tiene una pista en español. La película tiene poco diálogo y por eso se presta a que los estudiantes conversen más sobre lo que está pasando. Ve la película a ver si te gusta y si se presta a tus necesidades. Gracias por tus sugerencias!

  2. I’m showing it this week. Thank for sharing your sequence. I’ll use that! Plus I’m adding “describe characters” and “write a movie review” parts.

  3. I want to use this with my Spanish 2 class and I want to create a writing activity where the students have to write a letter home to their mom about their experience in the U.S.

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