I’m back!

I’m back!  This week is my first week back from maternity leave and before I left I dreamt of blogging and being creative but I think I had forgotten how much a new baby takes over every minute of your life!  The first day back went very well and even though we only have two weeks left, the students are still learning and with my return we started a new unit.  Because I was at a loss for a creative way to introduce vocabulary, I defaulted to my old school powerpoint with images, text and examples- no inglés of course but when I was done I was disappointed with myself for not having found a more creative and authentic way to present this vocabulary.

In the past I have found some creative ways of presenting new vocabulary.  For the clothing unit in the past I have just allowed the students to discover the vocabulary on their own by visiting clothing sites from S.S. countries.  For the food unit, I borrowed the following activity  http://creativelanguageclass.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/great-minds-think-alike/  from the creative language class blog- the kids loved it and at the end of class they had learned a ton of new words without me having to do the boring powerpoint.  How do you introduce vocabulary in an authentic way?  Do you use songs? videos? Share the wealth!




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