Los premios Nick

¡Tanto tiempo!  Working full time, parenting and awaiting baby #3 is a daunting task!  I’m so sorry if I haven’t posted in a while, but here is a pretty cool activity for introducing and practicing the superlative – without using English!

Teens love pop culture- so why not use it to your advantage?  The Nick Choice awards are this week and it’s a great opportunity to get the kids talking about their all time favorites.  The Nick site is pretty interactive and a great starting point for doing this activity.  It has images as well as a place for you and your students to cast their votes.

To start this, I went through all of the nominees myself and created the document below.  Because superlatives are relatively new for them, I gave them sentence starters for them to choose and write who the best and worst of the group was for them.  They loved this activity and loved sharing their insite on who they thought was the best and the worst!  This can be adapted for any awards show and any other topics too- food, movies, classes, etc.

What activities do you do to practice the superlative?


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