Te quiero mucho mamá

My 1B’s will soon begin the unit on family. It is one of my favorite units because there are so many great authentic resources out there.  I love to use commercials in class and this topic lends itself quite well to using them.  In the next few posts I will be sharing some of my resources and ideas for this unit and would love to hear what other people are using too!

I love this commercial- es súper tierno and great for practicing family vocabulary.  My students last year loved it too.  I have uploaded the cloze activity for you to use as well. Enjoy!

8grado_Unidad3(5A)_Anuncios de familia

3 thoughts on “Te quiero mucho mamá

  1. Me gusta mucho! Yo hago algo similar – has visto el video “Mi Familia Grande”? A mis estudiantes les encantan mucho. Yo hice mi primera actividad “Cloze” para usar con el video, quieres verla? Cual es tu email? Puedo mandartelo.
    Aqui esta el video:

  2. Muchos saludos desde Nebraska! I was wondering if there was anyway to upload any of the videos to TeacherTube? You Tube is blocked at my school, but Teacher Tube is not!

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