Using Voicethread for Interpersonal Assessments

Voicethread is an online tool that you can use to have your students record themselves, listen and respond to each other’s comments.  I use it for a variety of things in the classroom- I make my own listening activities and I have students do presentational and interpersonal activities on VT.  This week my students are working on extending, accepting and declining invitations.

I have created an activity where students have to pick a place in Spain they would like to go to on a particular date and have to create an invite to this place.  Students are to go on to VT and create a slide with a picture of the place and say the invitation- being specific about the time and date.  The second part of this task is that the students have to accept and decline an invitation.  The trick to this is that the students have been given dates that they can accept and ones that they have to decline because they are already doing something else.  What is great is that the students really need to listen to each other and pay close attention to the dates and times of the invitations they are listening to.

A variation of this is using This is another great online tool (first 5 activities are free!) and before the graded interpersonal assessments, I am having students practice leaving voicemail messages extending, accepting and declining invitations.  Another variation of this activity, if you don’t have the technology available is using your school voicemail system.

What tools do you use to record students?

3 thoughts on “Using Voicethread for Interpersonal Assessments

  1. Does each student have their own voice thread account? How do they see each other’s slides? Do you all have iPads? I like the idea of having to decline certain dates, very creative. I just joined vt to see what you were talking about, but I could use more detail about how you set this up.

    • Hello! Yes. Each student has an account created by clicking on a class link I created through my account. This way they can see the threads I create for the class and everyone’s slides. We don’t have iPads but we do have a computer lab and several computer carts available. Let me know if you have more questions!

    • Yes, each student has there own account. We have an Ed account and can create groups for each class.

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