Deportistas Scavenger Hunt

In my last post I talked about how I used a World Cup qualifying schedule to introduce and give my students input on the verb “jugar”.  Here is another activity I use to do the same.  It’s a scavenger hunt using famous Hispanic athletes.  I created posters for each athlete that have their bios on them.  I place these around the classroom and the students are given a questionnaire they have to complete in groups.  They love it because they get to move around with their peers and because often times the students recognize many of these athletes and are surprised that they are Hispanic!  The only thing with this activity is that the athlete posters need to be checked every year since they switch teams and retire!

Here are the posters and scavenger hunt 🙂












2 thoughts on “Deportistas Scavenger Hunt

  1. Me encanta esta actividad. Mil gracias por compartirla 🙂

  2. Que buena idea. Voy a intentarlo con los estudiantes de quinto grado el año que viene. Me gusta much que incorporates atletas latinos.

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