¿Cuándo juegan?

One of the goals for this unit is for the students to learn to talk about not only the sports they like but the sports they play- using the verb “jugar”.  In my Applied Linguistics program we did a lot of work around introducing grammar using top-down methods and authentic resources.  This can always be a challenge, especially for this level!  Luckily, I was able to find something that worked perfectly!  Currently,  the Spanish-speaking South American teams are playing the qualifying rounds for World Cup in Brasil in 2014- so what a perfect way to talk about who is playing who and when!  I found the schedule and created a document with questions that focused just on this verb.


The next step is to ask them what they notice about this particular grammatical structure- I usually ask them what they notice, how is it similar or different to what they’ve learned in the past and then a do a SHORT and sweet grammar lesson with follow up activities.  This works great every time!  Having them notice instead of just telling them is so much more effective.

How do you teach grammar?

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