Skype in the classroom

I am so lucky this year that one of my former students that I’ve been in touch with over the years has volunteered to Skype with my students while studying in Argentina.  What a wonderful opportunity for them! I have Skyped once before with my classes, with one of my cousins in Colombia and the students had a blast.  They thought it was so great that someone in a Spanish-speaking country could understand them.  When my former student told me she was moving there for a year I could not pass this opportunity up.  We have organized a time and this week I am preparing my students by doing a few lessons on Argentina and putting them in groups to create questions ahead of time for her.

Have you ever Skyped with your classroom before?  If you don’t have a connection in another country, you can go to  and find a classroom in a Spanish-speaking country.

If you have Skyped before- how do you prepare your students?  I created this document to help them organize their questions by topic- it’s nothing fancy but I think it will help them.



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