El Cono Sur

This year I decided to change what countries the students study and how- so in my 1B class we are starting the year off with El Cono Sur.  I have many ideas for this unit  but I thought I’d start off with a simple web quest.  I found some nice websites sponsored by the countries tourism council and am having the students research different things to do in the different countries.

I am starting off with Argentina because my one of my former students is there in a study abroad program and will be skyping with us! We are so excited!  The students have been preparing their introductions for her and this week will work in groups to create questions by topic.

I will also be using Martina Bex’s great Gaucho video and song activities as well as some of the videos found on Visit Argentina’s youtube channel (link below).


El Cono Sur Web Quest:


How do you incorporate the different countries into your curriculum?



2 thoughts on “El Cono Sur

  1. Great site. Thank you so much. You teach IB? ¿Dónde?

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