Children’s music and television program are great resources for the Spanish classroom and for many levels, especially for beginners.  One resource I love is the cartoon Pocoyó.  Pocoyó is a program in Spain (and in many other countries too as Pocoyó is a polyglot- he speaks Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, English and Mandarin) about a little boy named Pocoyó and his friends in his imaginary world.  There are many, many episodes in Spanish and you can probably find one that will suit the needs of your lessons!  You can find the episodes in Spanish from Spain as well as some in Spanish from Latin America.

I like to have the students watch the episodes (which are only about 7 minutes long) and I sometimes have them retell the story with prompts I give them, a cloze activity or just comprehension questions.  You can do it in class or as a homework – they love it because Pocoyó is adorable and because he is now on PBS some students recognize him.

Here are a few that I like to use!

For the restaurant:

For colors:

For practicing “dormir” & “poder”

Do you use any tv programs in your lessons? Which ones?

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