¡Música Maestro!

As I have said in previous posts- music is a powerful tool in the classroom.  I think that I have a song for about every topic I teach and I am always looking for more!  I came across this site through Juanes’ Facebook page a few years ago and what a gem!  It is authentic as it is a site that is made for Spanish-speaking children and even though the songs are for kids- they are wonderful for the novice student!  And guess what!?  You can download the songs for FREE!!!!!!  How awesome is that!?  And even better…the site gives you the lyrics and also has karaoke, stories and other great resources for your class.

The site is http://musicalibre.com.co/  – I have used the songs Los veinte ratones & El Baile del esqueleto and my daughter loves the rest of them but I have listed to all of them and have thought about using them for other themes.

Check them out!

What sites do you use to find music for your students?  Have you ever tried children’s music before?


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