¡Hablando a toda velocidad!

My focus in class is on communication so the majority of the activities we do are speaking ones.  One activity I like to do is my adaptation of “speed dating”, I’ve titled it en español “hablando a toda velocidad”.  You can probably call it something else but I couldn’t think of a better and appropriate translation for “speed dating” as I didn’t want to use “dating” in the phrasing.

What I do is I either have the students sit or stand up facing each other. I designate one line or row the moving line and we begin.  The students have either prompts on paper or prompts on the board that get them to converse.  After about a minute or so I have them rotate to the tune of music or a timer.  The students really like it because they are moving around and they get to practice with everyone in the class.

Here is a link to an online timer 


What whole group speaking activities do you do in your class?

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