One of my goals for Unidad 1 – Let me introduce myself! is for the students to tell where they are from and give their nationality.  I like to introduce this concept with the Spanish-speaking countries so the students begin to understand what countries speak Spanish and use this as a segway for teaching gender.  Here are some resources I use to teach this concept.

Song by Lido Pimienta (a BIG thank you to Zachary Jones for posting this singer on his site)

Careful- this song has two different versions and the one on youtube is different than from the one on soundcloud.

Song fill in

Humano de Lido Pimienta para practicar SER

I had originally used this song to practice Ser- but it has so many nationalities in it!  So, I plan on blanking out the nationalities for this unit and will later use it for Ser.

S.S countries Power Point

You can use this to introduce the countries

Los Paises Intro

What activities or resources do you use to teach this concept?  Please share!




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