Student Blogs

Last year I had my students create blogs for the first time.  I wanted a place where they could keep their writing assignments as well as add cool features like videos, vokis and vocaroo.

For my students’ blogs I use blogger- its easy for us because we have gmail accounts and the students can have access to blogger without having to create separate accounts.  Blogger is very easy to use and there are ways for you to make their accounts private so they are not searchable online.

How do we use the blog?  At the end of each unit, or sometimes throughout I have the students do a writing assignment and they post it on their blog.  The can also add voice using vocaroo or voki as well as pictures and YouTube videos.  Currently, I am using the blogs with my 1B students for review.  I’ve created scenarios and they will be posting accordingly.

Here are the documents I give my students so they can create and update their blogs- you will need to change the email address to your own.




Here is a screen shot of one of my students’ blogs – 

Do you blog with your students?  How do you use the blogs?

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