Cognates! These are so, so important when learning Spanish. My first lesson of the year talked about strategies for learning new languages and listening and looking for cognates is a biggy! In the first week I like to do a whole lesson that focuses on just cognates. A big thank you to the Creative Language blog for their cognate activity ideas- I’m definitely using these for my level 1A and 1B’s 🙂

I am starting my lesson with a short  presentation on cognates.

With my 7th grade, I plan to have them work in groups to find cognates around the room and in magazines and write them on post-its and post on my board. They will then do a “gallery walk” of the cognate wall and write down 10 new words they learned from this activity.

With my 8th grade I am adapting the creative language blog’s categorizing cognates by ending activity. I will have them work in groups to find cognates by endings and then share their findings with the class where we will then discuss the rules. My follow up activity will be to have them make a cognate collage using – this is a site where you can make a cloud of words- similar to wordle but here you can make your cloud into different shapes- very cool! Do you teach cognates? What types of activities do you do?

Here is an example:

3 thoughts on “Cognates!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. They are AWESOME!!

  2. Que chevere…mil gracias!

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