Get your students motivated and participating!

Do you give your students a participation grade?  I have always done this using a rubric, but last year I discovered!  This is a great tool that allows teachers to set up classes and track behaviors.  You can add negative and positive behaviors and it can give you a percentage or number of points at the end of a set time period.  If anything- this is a great motivator for students because it makes their participation very real to them.  Participation is something I count towards their final grade and class dojo has been really helpful in giving me real data on how active students are in my class.

Some of the positive behaviors I have are…

Doing the calentamiento

Doing the class introduction

Participating (individually, group, paired, etc)

Some of the negative behaviors I have are…

Arriving late to class

Not doing the calentamiento


Speaking in English when you should be speaking in Spanish

Here is a video that shows how class dojo works- and guess what? IT’S FREE- BONUS!!!


How do you grade participation?


4 thoughts on “Get your students motivated and participating!

  1. Interesting program. I bet this would be great to document for students on behavior plan or for RtI documentation.

  2. I tend to do self evaluations (coupled with my knowledge of their behavior) so showing up late, missing class, being disruptive, not being on task, being on your cell phone etc. will take points away, actively participating will help you at the end of the grading period students get a series of questions they answer ( and comment on, later I respond with my perspectives and comments.

    Some people find this too cumbersome and prefer easier ways to balance their classes. My highschool Spanish teacher had “Bravos” little stickers he would give us we turned in at the end of a grading period for a grade. Other teacher track name cards.

    Seems like a useful site though!

    • Hola! I used to do participation points that they collected and then we counted at the end of each term- so time consuming! Then, I created a self-evaluation rubric which after a few years I found was not really showing what they were doing in class. This site is great and you can use it on your computer or ipad or iphone- give it a try! I started last year with just one class and loved it so much I started using it with all 5 of my classes.

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