The Review Unit

I don’t know about anyone else out there- but I really don’t like the review unit!  I teach Spanish 1A and 1B, so with my 1B’s I usually spend several weeks reviewing 1A.  Why do I dread this unit?  Well, the students find it so boring to repeat the same topics as the year before and I also find myself stuck in this not-so-creative place for about 4 weeks!  So, I’m reaching out to all my fellow colleagues for some new and fresh ideas.  It is Spanish 1A, so what they are able to do is pretty limited- the topics they’ve learned are introductions, self, school, food and going places.  I was thinking about organizing the review around a trip to Argentina since I have a former student studying there for a year and she has offered to do Skype, so I want to connect it to her- but how?


Please help!

5 thoughts on “The Review Unit

  1. Hola, I have the same situation you do with the 1a and 1b. I usually start of the 1b’s with a “¿Quién Soy Yo?” activity where they have to write/present a description of themselves using the vocab they have learned in the past. Maybe they could do something like this for your former student and her friends? They could introduce themselves and then ask questions?

    I also will divide the students into small groups by topic (from the previous year) and THEY have to lead a short review activity with the class. I would be happy to send you those project descriptions if you are interested!

  2. Hola! What about using the student who offered to Skype with you as an authentic opportunity to use the language you want to review. The students could plan how they are going to introduce themselves to your student and they could also work on writing questions (always good practice) using the vocabulary to ask the student when you Skype. This seems like a neat, authentic way to practice using this basic vocab. And if the student doesn’t have time or the schedules don’t work for Skyping, how about having the kids post this info on BLOGS and then your former student could respond? I put my students’ blog links all on my blog so that they are in one place, easily accessible by me or other students.

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